Not the End: “But Even Now”

Some things in life seem irreversible.  Most of us have words, we wish we could unsay; messages, we could unsend; actions, we could undo.  Some of life’s irreversible moments are inconvenient and others can leave us broken-hearted.  What if some of God’s best work takes place in irreversible moments?

What God Has Joined: Kickn’ Down the Door

Some couples bicker, others have blow outs, and some are separated by a wall of silence.  Couples handle conflict differently, but all couples have conflict.  This message looks at a principle that can help all types of people handle conflict better and break through to more satisfying relationships.

The Power of Be: Be Less

Do you ever get tired of people asking for something from you? Dealing with seemingly endless demands for more of our time, energy, attention, and money can be draining. What if God has a way that is more about what He wants for us than from us?

(Audio quality is not the best but it’s worth the effort to listen)